Glampotel is the leading glamorous camping (glamping) accommodation network.


If you choose to have us build a Glampotel on your property, or you want to add additional rooms to your current accommodation, we can Build You a completely turnkey solution for property owners and operators.  This enables you to provide off-the-grid accommodation, without the need for significant investment, infrastructure or lengthy planning process.

If you already have accommodation on your property and want to have someone handle the marketing, booking and customer service, then you can opt to simply Join Our Network

Whichever option you choose, when you partner with Glampotel we ensure the whole process is easy for you. We provide the support you need, including, marketing and promotion, booking and customer support.

As our unique tents are completely off-the-grid, there is no need for any permanent infrastructure to be built or maintained (electricity lines, water supply, sewage, etc.). This removes the huge expense required with any competitive offerings.

Our unique construction and facilities mean you can place our tents where permitting may not have been allowed and due to our minimalist approach, Glampotel's tents can be as remote on your property as you like.


You get to choose where your Glampotel tents are constructed. This also means you do not have to give up any land that is already generating income for you!


We offer a completely unique business model that perfected the partnership and revenue share business model. All of our partners share the same passion to create an amazing glamping experience. We custom design the units from the ground up and have successfully operated profitable properties for years